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aus carmack's plan:
The Quake 2 source code is now available for download, licensed under the GPL.
damit sollte die os x version ja nicht mehr all zu fern sein.
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make install
funktioniert nicht.

Da ham wer ja was zu tun zwischen den Jahren.
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amiga port ist schon fertig
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Nun hat es auch den PocketPC erwischt.
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Just a note for anyone working on the Quake2 source - I would hold off on making any major rewrites to your engine for the time being. TTimo should be releasing a new tarball to with an the 3.21 source code, as opposed to the 3.19 that we currently have.

Und bei OpenQuake gibt's auch schon einen kleinen Fix für die Schatten. Außerdem will John demnächst den sourcecode für ein weiteres altes Spiel freigeben. Und (haha):
Bill Heineman is preparing the mac source code for Q2 for a release.
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hab noch was gefunden, ist zwar leicht OT und vom anfang des jahres (ging um doom3) aber trotzdem interessant:
Just a couple of additional notes in this area. We do use Visual C++ as our primary platform, and in general we try to stay away from any Microsoft specific syntax. The editor which is now integrated with the engine still uses MFC but I am about to start weeding out all of the MFC code. This is not going to be pleasant but the results should be very good. Graeme used at least three maybe more compilers getting the demo to run on the different Apple OS', each one presented it's own unique challenges in functionality and standard adhesion. As expected, even with a standard for C++, none of the compilers are quite on the same page. Microsoft seems to be the most compliant but I'd have to go back and read the draft to back that up. We (we being Grame :-) hit a bunch of little syntax gotchas in the form of for (int i = 0; i blah; i++) { / later at same scope for (int i = 0; i blah; i++) { where I believe the GNU stuff moaned about the second use of i, I forget which is compliant. John surely has opinions on the move to C++, but in general I think it has gone very well. There are times when it is just plain difficult to figure out why inlines are not working or why something is suddenly faster or slower but overall I don't think we have seen a speed drop in retail code. In debug code, the non-inline expansion really bites us, still looking at some solutions for that. All in all the Apple demo got all of our cross platform ducks in a row probably much sooner than we would have done normally.
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nun haben wir endliche auch eine q2 version für os x (binary und source):
A new year brings of course a new release! After less than one week of work we are proud to feed your desire with the MacOS X version of Quake II. The port was requested by numerous users and we hope that they are satisfied. Hop over to the download section to get your copy!
wir haben das gestern mal angetestet und es prinzip. aber selbst die einfache flat-config war dafür zu kompliziert und quake ist daran abgenibbelt und dann traten auch wieder, wie in OS9, diese merkwürdigen hänger auf (speziell wenn man kurz davor war dem gegner einen frag zu bescheren).
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